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Just Socks cables & lace – consists of 13 sock patterns, geared to the intermediate/experienced knitter with cables, ribs & lace. (I have experimented substituting a mock rib in place of a rib stitch for those who do not use their ribber attachment – and a similar effect is achieved, though not the exact.) The cable is a 3-stitch cable, as taught to me by Mary Walton. So any machine able to knit a 3x1 rib can be used. I knit all the patterns shown on the 72 needle cylinder, though diagrams are also given for the 60 & 54 cylinders. Cost $27.00 plus $3.00 sh/h. Click here for more information about this book.

Hats and More for the CSM: This book has 10 hat patterns, 3 sock patterns, fingerless gloves & scarves. Some hats are made as you would socks, in the round, & others are made in panels that get stitched together. There is a nice variety in the hats, as you can see by the "Table of Contents". Cost $27.00 plus $3.00 sh/h. Click here to see the Table of Contents and back cover photo.

Unique Fancy Sock Patterns for the CSM: This book has 12 patterns for the 54, 60 & 72 needle cylinders. All have written instructions as well as graphs for each pattern. Patterns are made by transferring stitches from one needle onto another.  Some patterns are fairly easy, other are more difficult, but they are all rated according to difficulty.  A ribber attachment is not necessary unless you want a ribbed cuff. Otherwise all socks begin with a hung hem & instructions are given for a picot edge, if desired. Patterns include: hearts, diamonds, trees, diagonals, vines, chevron, argyll, twist, circles, elegant braid, twist. Cost:  $18.00,  plus $2 sh/h


Socks & More for the CSM: This book has all kinds of patterns and not just socks. There are 16 patterns in all, plus instructions on many aspects of using your sock machines. It is amazing what you can make on your sock machine. Lots of Christmas or birthday gift ideas. My passion is in writing & creating new patterns.  And I believe you will be impressed with the quality and workmanship of these patterns. Cost:  $32.00, plus $4 sh/h. Click here to see Table of Contents and back cover photo.



All patterns below cost $5.00 each, plus $2 sh/h – write for sh/h prices when ordering multiple items, as the sh/h costs will be less


    Sweater/Jacket” pattern: a great way to use up your left over sock yarns. Or just buy sock yarns in the patterns & colors you want specifically for this project. You will not need a ribber and all pieces are knit in tubes, so the sweater/jacket will be double thickness.  Very simple to knit. Without the sleeves it makes a very cute vest. The construction will take some time to Kitchener close the ends & then to stitch the panels together. But oh, so cozy & warm. Can be knit on any size cylinder.


    Celtic Knot Scarf pattern: knit flat fabric with choices of 2 lengths of tails. This is truly a nice looking scarf with I-cording woven to make the knot.


    Double & Single Eyelet Rib Socks pattern: for the 54, 60, 72, & 80 needle cylinders. The 54 would require the 27 needle ribber. Socks can be made with self-patterning yarn or solid colors.


     Argyll Knee Socks pattern - 2 styles: for the the 54, 60 & 72 needle cylinders. A ribber is needed for the body of the socks, if desiring a ribbed sock, as shown. The first pattern, depicted by the gray sock, is knit intarsia, where a second color is carried along with the sock machine yarn. The second pattern, which is depicted by the white sock, is created by transferring stitches, equivalent to a yo,k2tog in hand-knitting.

    Boot Topper/Knee Socks - This pattern actually has 3 patterns in it. I knit all of these on my 72 Erlbacher/      Gearhart  & I did use my ribber on parts of these items. The pattern includes: Boot Knee Socks, Slouch Boot Topper & the Easy Boot Topper. This pattern can be ordered as a download for $5 or I can mail the hard copy, so add $2 in sh/h

     Watermelon Socks - I knit these on my 60 Erlbacher/Gearhart, though the pattern also has instructions for the 54 cylinder. These socks can be knit with a ribbed cuff or you can make a hemmed top. There are a couple ways these socks can be made. 1. The socks shown here began with undyed yarn which was wound on a winding board, then dyed the  red & green colors.  2. Instructions are also given for knitting with red, white & green yarns. The seeds shown are painted with a fabric paint, though you can add beads, as you knit, for the seeds. Price is $5, plus $2 sh/h.

   Christmas Afghan - I knit this on my Legare 400 using every other needle & worsted weight yarn. The key to making this afghan is your machine being able to make large enough stitches and the cylinder to have wide enough slots, which most Legares & many other machines have. The finished afghan is about 42"x50". Price $5, plus $2 sh/h

   Easy Lace Beaded Scarf - Knit on the 60 Erlbacher/Gearhart, pattern includes directions for the 54 also. You can knit this scarf with or without the beads, though it becomes quite elegant with the lattice tied fringe & pearl beads. I can knit the beaded scarf in about 2 hours (then more time for adding the fringe & tying the latticework). Price $5, plus $2 sh/h


Latch Hooks: Hardwood handles, 4” handle or 6” handle, with regular sized hooks for laddering dropped stitches, making a Russian join or grabbing your tied on yarn & pulling it down into the cylinder in between socks (longer handle). Write for availability of the tools.  4" size is $7.00 each + $3.00 sh/h, the 6" size is $8.00 each + $3.00 sh/h

    Sock Measuring Stick - For ladies & mens socks. Measure your socks while still on your machine. If not using your    ribber, place this measuring stick down into the heel of your sock, then measure  to the top of the cylinder, where you have finished knitting. OR with the ribber on, from the side, place your hand under the heel of the sock, place tool on your wrist to measure to the top of the cylinder. Be sure your stitches are relaxed & without weights, to get the most accurate measurement. The numbers on the measuring stick are sock sizes, even though they are measured pre-heel. So I've made it easy to use. Price $15, includes sh/h

Set-up Bonnets: Knit in a heavy cotton which should last for many years of use. Gathered at the bottom for easier loading into the buckle. Please designate size: 72 or 60. $5.00 each + $3 sh/h

How to Order

To order any of the above items, send an email to Jenny at detersj@sbcglobal.net . Include the name of the items you are ordering, quantity desired, method of payment (check, money order or Paypal) and address to which the order will be shipped. If you are paying by Paypal you can use the same email address for Paypal payment detersj@sbcglobal.net or you can request a Paypal invoice be sent to you when sending your order email. If you wish to pay by check or money order, you may send your order to Jenny at: Jenny Deters, P.O. Box 624, Chandler, In, 47610. If ordering multiple items, email me so I can figure the savings on your postage. Please note that postage is for US shipping. If you require shipping to a location outside of the US please contact Jenny for a shipping quote.

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